TIRED of PAYING Over $5+ Per Inmate Call to:
  • Global Tel Link, IC Solutions, Securus, Pay Tel, PCS, Offender Connect, Correctional Billing?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My inmate gets released in 3 weeks; will this service save me money?

A. This service is for people incarcerated for long periods of time. We do not offer service for one month or less, your savings over a short period of time would be very little.

Q. How can Inmate Call Savings Save Me Money?

A. We provide you with a number that is local to your inmate's facility, which avoids long distance charges.

Q. When calling the prepaid provider, should I tell them about getting a local number?

A. It's best to say that the local number is your phone number.

Q. Why do I need a phone number located localy to the prison?

A. Direct dialed calls from the prison and pre-paid accounts are all based on how far the call is going, the distance is reduced when signing up for Inmate Call Savings, when the local number is provided.

Q. Can I change the number it rings to?

A. Yes, all you need to do is to send us an email or call us.

Q. I have more than one person in separate prisons, can I use the same number?

A. No, the number we give you is local to the facility, so each person will need their own local number.

Q. Will my service work right away?

A. The inmate usually has to make an attempt to call the new number to get the number in the system. It may say at first that the line is blocked but after the service provider gets the number in the system the block will be removed and the inmate will be able to complete the call.

Q. Do you forward calls?

A. We do not forward calls. Do not say you are forwarding calls when setting up the prepaid account.

Q. We have a legal office with several inmates in the same facility, can we use the same number?

A. Yes, the local number we give you is local to the facility

Q. Can the inmates call anyone else with the local number that Inmate Call Savings provides?

A. No, it will only ring to one number that you choose.

Q. Can you save me money if we just receive collect calls?

A. No, we are not a collect call provider, if the inmate does not have to call long distance, Inmate Call Savings cannot save you money.

Q. My inmates in a Federal Prison, do I need a prepaid account?

A. No, Inmates in a Federal Prison do not need a prepaid account.

Q. Will I notice any change in my current phone service?

A. No, Once the local number and the pre-paid account is set up, your home or cell phone number will ring like it did before, you will not see any changes.

Q. How will this service save me money?

A. Instead of calling a long distance number from prison, the inmate will now call your new local number, which saves you the long distance charges.