TIRED of PAYING $5-$30 Per Inmate Call to:
  • Global Tel Link, IC Solutions, Securus, Pay Tel, PCS, Offender Connect, Correctional Billing?

How It Works

Let's Find Out How You Would Pay 80% Less for Inmate Calling

How to call an inmate

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We provide you with a local phone number which you can use just like your current phone number, except the call would cost a lot less than you currently pay per inmate call. The inmate dials your new Inmate Call Savings local number (not your current long distance phone number) this way you are charged for a local call instead of a long distance call.



In a few simple steps, subscribe for our services at the Sign UP Now Page. Our Activation Specialist will contact you within 24hrs of payment and will provide you with your new Inmate Call Savings local phone number specific to your inmate's facility.


Now give the inmate your new local phone number you got from us as your own phone number.
If the facility uses a Contracted Prison Phone Provider and requires a prepaid account, set one up giving your new Inmate Call Savings local phone number as your own phone number.


Your Inmate now dials the new local phone number saving you the costly per-minute long distance charges your current long distance phone number would cost.
Now you start enjoying more time on the phone for less money.


City, County and State Facilities

Prison Facilities use collect calls or prepaid accounts. Collect calls are the most expensive- costing $12.00 dollars (and upwards) for a 15 minute call. Prepaid accounts allow the use of cell phones and offer great savings instead of prison collect calls. Inmates calling long distance using the institution's prepaid account provider will cost up to .38 cents per minute with a $2.00 connection charge. When using your local Inmate Call Savings number you only pay the $2.00 connection charge. NO PER MINUTE CHARGE. **


After you have received your local number from Inmate Call Savings use the links below to start your account with the facilities Prison Phone Provider.

**Check with the inmates' facility/prepaid provider for exact savings**