TIRED of PAYING Over $5+ Per Inmate Call to:
  • Global Tel Link, IC Solutions, Securus, Pay Tel, PCS, Offender Connect, Correctional Billing?

Do You Know?

We Service All Facilities: City, County, State and Federal

Every jail facility uses its own phone system which is managed by a contracted prison phone provider. The inmates are forced to use this service at the jail and have no other option than to make the excessively expensive calls. Every time an inmate makes a call, the contracted prison phone provider and the jail facility make money from the call. City, County and State institutions profit from "contracts" with the contracted prison providers like Global Tel, Evercom, Correctional Billing Services, PCS, Paytel and IC Solutions etc. Certain facilities use prepaid calling cards but these too are quite expensive. Take a minute to visit our How it works section to learn more on how to save on your Inmate calls.

Federal Facilities

A prepaid account is not required for Federal Inmate Calls. Federal Facilities charge the inmate's commissary account for calls. Money is added to the commissary account which pays for the Inmate's calls. Federal Facilities charge .22 -.24 cents per minute when the inmate dials long distance. Using a local Inmate Call Savings number, the per-minute charge is reduced to .07 cents. By using this inmate telephone service, you can talk longer and get more time with a loved one for your money. Inmatecallsavings.com you can save 75% on federal inmate calls. **

**Rates vary by state check with the inmates' facility/prepaid provider for exact savings** Go through our How it works section to know more on how you can save on Inmate's calls. Sign Up Now and Start Saving Today!

Unlimited Minutes

With an Inmate Call Savings local phone number you have the luxury of Unlimited Minutes. Although the facility where your inmate's located may limit the time an Inmate can spend on the phone.

Special Order Numbers

Facilities that are not available will require a special order phone number. Special order numbers have a per-minute limit of 500 minutes; extra minutes cost .6 cents per minute. **Rates vary by state check with the inmates' facility/prepaid provider for exact savings** Visit our How it works section to find information on how you can save on Inmate Calls. Sign Up Now!