TIRED of PAYING Over $5+ Per Inmate Call to:
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I just want to say BIG THANK YOU. Your service was fast and you delivered which is saying a lot compared to some of these other companies that are out here trying to take advantage of people. I have recommended your company to several people.
--- E. Mcintyre
"Inmate Call Savings I do not know what I would have done without you. I found you by running a search, looking for a way to save money to talk to my dad. I have been so satisfied with your service and have really seen savings on my phone bill. I would recommend your service to anyone and everyone wanting to save money on phone calls from prison."
--- J. Carol, CA
First I wanted to let you know my Global tel bill is a third of what is was. Your company has answered my prayers. I had my lights cut off last month because the global tel bill was so high. Thanks to your team I can talk with him and still see to get down the hall. Keep up the good work.
--- K. Johnson, KY
I have been paying $450-600 a month for a prepaid account here in florida. My babies in Federal lockup here and I'm three hours from the facility. I'm so glad I ran across you guys on the internet after getting my local number and getting a new prepaid account. Now I talk more and my bills around $200.00 a month. You made believer out of me.
--- C. Anderson, FL
"I really want to thank you for the service you have provided, I truly appreciate it"
--- J. Whitmore, OK
" Thank you Inmate Phone Home for making it affordable to talk to my boyfriend. Without you I would not be able to keep in touch as much as I have...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
--- A. Bradford, CA
"I just had to write you and say you have saved me 368 dollars this month. My calls have gone from $12.67 to $2.15 for a 20 minute call. You guys are the best got me on the same day and your customer service is fabulous everyones american and speaks such good english. I'll tell you I've had a lot of trouble with that lately, with those other companies. Way to go.
--- R. Key, CA
"I am very satisfied with this service. It has allowed me to talk to my husband twice as much. I was paying $7.95 a call, now I only pay $2.30 a call. Also inmate phone home as excellent customer service. They are patient and they answer all your questions.Thank you so much!!!!!"
--- T. Light, LA